Christine's Sissy Sewing Room

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 The Boring Bit

1.  All my sizes are in INCHES and not ladies sizes.

2.  All the designs you see here have been designed by myself, all are made in my sewing room in the garden and not mass produced in a factory environment.  I don't hold stock, I make to order.  I do not have anyone working for me, I work alone.  Although I try to get my items out within 21 days, quite often I have a backlog and it may take up to 6 weeks.  If you are not prepared to wait that length of time, please do not place an order.

3.  I can't always use the exact shade or lace in the photo's so quite often use a substitute, please take that into account before ordering.

4.  Due to some bad experiences of late, I refuse to make for rude and demanding people, people who know my time lines but still go ahead and order then become aggressive when they have to wait.

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